While swimming pool tiles add color and excitement to the look of your pool, they also serve the purpose of making it easier for you to clean and maintain your swimming pool.

Expansion Joints

Concrete has a tendency to shift and possibly crack during temperature changes. Rubberized Expansion Joints are necessary to help prevent this movement.

Crystal Clear Pools uses a product called Deco-O-Seal® which is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics.

It won’t become brittle or crack due to ultraviolet exposure. Once it’s cured it can be stretched or compressed up to 25%.

If you are seeing cracks in your pool shell, or otherwise seeing signs of movement around your pool, please let us know right away. With our expertise in expansion joints, and our use of Deco-O-Seal® technology, we can often prevent further movement and damage.


Coping is the material used to cap the pool shell wall.
There are many different types of coping.

  • Natural Stone or Brick Coping offers the warmth, texture and sturdiness of stone. Materials ranging from quarried granite, to limestone to natural fieldstone offer a appealing and lasting solution.
  • Precast Concrete offers a wide range of textures, patterns and colors. It provides a more consistent look in thickness and color then natural stone.
  • Aluminum Replacement Coping is offered for Liner Pools. It can be used on above ground or in ground swimming pools. There are many colors, shapes and styles that you can select from to suit your pool structure.

Resurfacing / Plaster

Does your pool or spa have stains, cracks or does it leak? Is the surface too rough? Does your swimming pool or spa look dull? Do you just want a change?

We are proud to offer a wide range of plaster surfaces for your swimming pool. These special pool finishes are mixtures of specific quartz aggregates plus fortified white cement. All of these plaster surfaces are available in different colors as well as textures. Give us a call so we can provide you with an estimate on having your swimming pool or spa resurfaced

Vinyl Liner Replacement / Repair

Custom – Made

Merlin manufactures all of their liners to the exact specifications of your pool, making sure your liner fits perfectly. Merlin’s quality control keeps production tolerances to a minimum, which means your liner fits better and lasts longer.


All Merlin liners are made of 100% Virgin Vinyl, formulated and treated for extra Ultra Violet protection, and conditioned with antibacterial agents to keep your liner looking better longer.

Efficient Production

Merlin’s production process is computer controlled, allowing us to give precise tolerances and accurate ship dates. Merlin’s “On Time, Every time” delivery policy ensures you that your liner will be ready when you are.