Weekly Service

Once a week we vacuum, skim and brush the pool as needed, backwash the filter as needed and test and balance the chemicals.

Bi-Weekly Service

Our bi-weekly service is performed every other week.  Customers are responsible to maintain chemical levels.  Excess chemicals may be necessary if the pool chemistry is not maintained weekly.

Chemical/Systems Check

Once a week we skim and brush the pool, service and maintain the filter system and balance the chemicals.  Vacuuming is not included.

Deluxe Service

Twice a week service. One visit is our Weekly Service and the second visit is our Chemicals/Systems check.  This is recommended for pools with higher bather load and pools kept above 85 degrees.

Spa Maintenance

Once a week we balance the chemicals and clean the filters as needed.

Call to schedule your first service and we promise you won’t be disappointed!