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Crystal Clear Pool Service in Rockland County, NY

Are you in Rockland County and looking to make your summer better for you and your family? If you’re looking to throw a swimming pool into your backyard this year, look no further than Crystal Clear Pools!

Rockland County, NY Inground Swimming Pool Openings

Crystal Clear has experience installing inground swimming pools for our customers around Rockland County. Our prices are always based on a 20 ft x 40 ft pool that includes one pump, one filter, one heater, and a cover to throw on top. Our opening services include removing the cover once it is free of any debris or sitting water, re-installing any necessary pool equipment or accessories, and re-booting of your filter and heating systems. There will be an additional charge for clearing the pool cover of water or debris when reopening the pool. VACUUMING AND CHEMICALS ARE NOT INCLUDED

Rockland County, NY Above Ground Swimming Pools Openings:

We also offer opening services for above-ground pools, for our customers who wish to have the same fun without the same amount of installation hassle. Our opening services also include cover removal, re-installation of pool equipment and accessories, and re-starting of filter and heating systems. The heating system will be switched off when installed, ready for you to flip the switch when you’re ready to take a dip. VACUUMING AND CHEMICALS ARE NOT INCLUDED.

Crystal Clear Pools is a local NY/NJ swimming pool service company with over 25 years of experience. We continue to be the #1 pool service company in the entire Rockland and Bergen County areas…

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