Quality Swimming Pool Services in New City, NY

Crystal Clear Pool Service in New City, NY

At Crystal Clear Pools, we are proud to cater to our customers around the New City area who are looking for swimming pool opening services.

New City, NY Inground Swimming Pool Openings

For our New City customers, we offer installation and opening services based on a 20 ft x 40 ft pool. This comprehensive package includes one pump, one filter, one heater, and a cover. Our opening services involve removing the cover once it’s free from debris or standing water, reinstalling any required pool equipment or accessories, and restarting your filter and heating systems. Please note, there will be an extra fee for clearing water or debris from the pool cover during the reopening process. VACUUMING AND CHEMICALS ARE NOT INCLUDED.

New City, NY Above Ground Swimming Pools Openings:

Additionally, we provide opening services tailored for above-ground pools, catering to customers seeking enjoyment without the hassle of extensive installation. Our opening services encompass cover removal, reinstalling pool equipment and accessories, and restarting filter and heating systems. Upon installation, the heating system will be deactivated, awaiting your command to activate and prepare for a refreshing dip at your convenience. VACUUMING AND CHEMICALS ARE NOT INCLUDED.

Crystal Clear Pools is a local NY/NJ swimming pool service company with over 25 years of experience. We continue to be the #1 pool service company in the entire Rockland and Bergen County areas…

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